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Here at ABCMOTORS.CO.ZA we offer top quality salvage deals at the best possible prices.

If you are in the market for top quality accident damaged salvage cars, then look no further!

ABCMOTORS.CO.ZA has a huge selection of smashed or scrapped cars for sale.

We also have code 3 cars for sale and we have branches in Cape town, Durban and on the West Rand.

Dont waste your precious time searching auction websites and worrying if you are going to win a bid or not,
buy from ABCMOTORS.CO.ZA at a great price and save yourself a lot of hassle and inconvenience.

We get new stock on a daily basis, so if you dont find what you are looking for today, be sure to check again in a few days,
OR simply CONTACT US below, and ask us to add you to our marketing list and we will notify you by SMS and Email when new stock arrives.

Customer service is of great importance to us and customers are assured that our business is done with the utmost integrity.
Happy Customers

For 30 years ABC Motors has served the community, by being able to provide affordable vehicles and spares.

Many happy customers have purchased vehicles from us, which they have been able to repair and drive.



Cape Town

Accident Damaged
Stolen & Recovered

We sell top quality accident damaged vehicles, rebuilds, stolen and recovered vehicles to the public.

Our close relationship with the insurance industry means that we will definitely have a vehicle that will satisfy your needs at an excellent price.

Accident Damaged Cars

Rebuild Cars

Stolen and Recovered

Wide Range Of Used Motor Spares

We strip many vehicles for spare parts and endeavour to keep spares for all popular vehicles.

We provide quality second hand engines and gearboxes, which all come with a start up guarantee.

Used Spares

Used Engines

Used Gearboxes

Pick of the week - accident damaged cars

Contact Us

West Rand Branch
PO Box 461
Phone 1: 018 786 2105
Phone 2: 018 787 3537
Phone 3: 018 786 1585
Fax: 018 787 2143
Durban Branch
176 Voortrekker Road
Phone 1: 031 461 3920
Phone 2: 031 468 3143
Fax: 031 461 3921
Cape Town Branch
35 Smit Street
George Park
Phone 1: 021 853 5337
Fax: 086 665 64631


Send us a contact request with your message and we will get back to you promptly.

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More about us

We sell accident damaged vehicles, stolen and recovered vehicles, rebuild vehicles, used spares and engines for all major manufacturers including Audi,BMW,Chevrolet,Datsun,Fiat,Ford,Honda,Hyundai,Isuzu,Jeep,Kia,Land Rover,Mazda,Mercedes Benz,Mini,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Opel,Peugeot,Renault,Toyota,Volkswagen,Volvo.

We have branches on the West Rand, Durban and Cape Town

Understanding the Department of Transport Vehicle Codes

Code 1 - New

These are brand new vehicles

Code 2 - Second Hand

These are used vehicles, they have one or more previous owners

Code 3 - Damaged but can be repaired

  • These are vehicles that used to be new (Code 1) or used (Code 2) and have been damaged (by a car accident or similar)
  • These cars can be repaired and HAVE to go through a roadworhty test again and be licensed before they are allowed back on the road
  • Here at ABC Motors, we specialise in code 3 damaged vehicles. We stock a wide range of code 3 damaged cars in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town and we also stock a huge range of used parts for most makes and models of cars
  • At ABC Motors you can find a good deal on a code 3 vehicle and most likely you will be able to find most the parts to repair it as well. If we have stock, we can supply used parts OR we can order after market parts for you

Code 4 - Damaged and not repairable

  • These cars are not suitable for repairs and wont be allowed back on the road. Here at ABC motors we strip these cars for spares